VR Game Truck is awesome for Post-Prom!

VR Game Truck is awesome for Post-Prom!

VR Game Truck is awesome for Post-Prom!

     Prom is an important event for students. Planning activities that student's will enjoy is important to give students a good prom experience. VR Game Truck Nebraska can help with the entertainment and provide an awesome experience students will not soon forget.

     VR Game Truck offers a social experience in which students get to play VR at one of our six VR stations. We also have multiplayer TV games students will get to enjoy while waiting for their turn for VR. Students are able to play a variety of game genres from racing, to movement games, to action and adventure, and even scary games. There is something for everyone, so whether you are an avid gamer, or just looking for something casual, there will surely be something to entertain!  

     Randolph Public School is the latest school to experience this unique event. Students had tons of fun playing a variety of VR Games. Their favorites were the scary VR titles. They also enjoyed movement games such as Beat Saber where they hit blocks to the beat with light-sabers. The racing simulator was also a favorite of students.  When the students were not playing VR they got to have fun playing multiplayer console games, in which, Mario Kart and Smash Brothers were among the favorites. 


    Would you like your students to have an amazing experience like this? VR Game Truck Nebraska has the latest VR equipment and provides an awesome experience for kids and adults alike. We have tons of games, as well as viewing experiences that will ensure this is an experience you will not soon forget!

     We offer schools 10% off on Entertainment VR Events, so there is no reason to wait. Call us at 402-992-4278, or visit our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/vrgametrucknebraska/, or our website at: https://www.vrgametrucknebraska.com for more information on all we have to offer!
     Besides post-prom VR Game Truck Nebraska is also good for public entertainment events, school carnivals, school open-house, incentive programs, after school programs, club programs, athletic events, post prom, graduation, fundraisers, lock-ins, or any special event.

    We also have gone beyond entertainment, and we offer an amazing Educational VR Experience for schools and Jesus VR for faith-based organizations.


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