Christ Lutheran School in Columbus, NE Experiences Jesus VR Event!

Christ Lutheran School in Columbus, NE Experiences Jesus VR Event!

Christ Lutheran School in Columbus, NE Experiences Jesus VR Event!

      Are you interested in An Awesome Christian Event Near You that works for children, young adults, or older adults? Our Jesus VR Experience could provide your Christian organization with a memorable experience you will not soon forget! 

    At VR Game Truck Nebraska, we have gone beyond gaming and offer an Educational VR Experience and a Jesus VR Experience. All of our experiences get awesome multiplayer console games while people wait for their turn for the VR Experience at one of our five-to-seven VR stations. The only difference between all three types of events (Entertainment VR, Educational VR, Jesus VR) is what we put on for VR content.


    Jesus VR is special because you get to be put amongst the action of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection as if you were right there. We are very excited to have a unique perspective here at VR Game Truck Nebraska. When we saw this app was on an Oculus VR headset, we just had to add it!


    We have been partnering with schools and churches all across Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa to provide this unique experience.  The latest Jesus VR event was at the Christ Lutheran School in Columbus, NE.


    A Jesus VR Experience can be a fun time for your church congregation and is a great thing to add to any event your church might have. Jesus VR is also popular with youth groups, church conferences, and community outreach.


    We designed the Jesus VR Experience for our guests to not only have fun but to experience a memorable faith-based event as well.


    Children especially get excited to be amongst everything and experience these things firsthand. Young adults and older adults like it as well because it is an easy experience and just like watching a movie. However, unlike a movie, the perspective puts you right there amongst the action.

    Jesus VR can fit very well into whatever event your Christian organization is doing as well. We are very flexible and can work with any event you might have, or provide this experience as a stand-alone event!

Jesus VR is good for:

Fundraising, youth groups, summer camps, fellowship and Christian events.

If you are church, school, or other organization please see our events page for more information on what we can do for you.

Your organization can also contact us for a quote for your event.

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